Tucson Counseling Services

Areas of Specialization:

Assertiveness Skills
Communication Skills
Family Issues
Family of Origin Issues

Feelings of Isolation
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Marriage Counseling
Relationship Issues
Work Related Issues
Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to reflect on one’s life, understand one’s feelings and behaviors, learn new perspectives and to be listened to with attention. The therapeutic process allows for the healing of wounds, reclaiming of dreams and living a life that is more authentic and meaningful.


People can come to therapy motivated by the desire for change or the issue may be one or more of the following areas in which I specialize.


“There is no light without shadow and no psychic wholeness without imperfection. To round itself out life … calls not for perfection but for completeness; and for this the ‘thorn in the flesh’ is needed, the suffering of defects without which there is no progress and no ascent.”

Carl Gustav Jung

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