How often do we meet? 

Therapy sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis. To develop rapport and momentum, I recommend six to eight weekly sessions. However, six to eight sessions is a recommendation and not a requirement.

How long does therapy continue? 

I recommend that after six to eight sessions, we evaluate if your goals have been addressed and you wish to terminate or if you wish to continue therapy to explore these goals or other issues that have come into awareness.

How will I know when to terminate therapy?

This depends on the motivation for therapy. Some people wish to continue therapy in order to enhance the individuation process – the process of becoming an individual. Other people terminate therapy when the initial issues are satisfactory resolved. Others, after resolution of initial issues, schedule sessions as needed.

What will happen in session?

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to explore new perspectives, learn new skills and develop new ways of being and interacting. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I also use the following approaches: Anger Therapy, Dream Interpretation, Gestalt Therapy, and Voice Dialogue.

What is your therapeutic orientation?

Jungian Psychotherapy (Analytical Psychology) is the prevailing orientation I work within. While a Jungian orientation is very difficult to define, it is based upon the psychological approach of C. G. Jung.  If one could reduce this orientation to a few guiding principles, they could be the following: a profound respect for each individual’s process; an awareness that just as there is an propelling force within the tiny acorn to become the mighty oak, there is an energy within each person to become a fully developed human; an awareness of how powerfully the unconscious influences the psyche, and through working with images (art, dreams, creative writing, figurative language, etc.) and with complexes (both the positive and negative aspects), consciousness is realized through the reconciliation of the opposites.