Services and Fees

Services:Individual Psychotherapy:

Individual therapy allows the individual to explore in-depth personal and relationship concerns such as grief, life transitions, anxiety, depression, etc.  Sessions are 50 minutes.

Couples Psychotherapy:

Couples/Marriage therapy allows partners to learn how to address the areas of friction in the relationship in a more respectful and fulfilling manner and to understand what interferes. If communication is respectful and fulfilling, so is the relationship. Sessions are 50 minutes. A longer session can be arranged if more time is needed to explore the issues raised in session.

Some couples are not sure whether or not to stay in the relationship. However, since there may be issues that have yet to be discussed, the process of learning how to effectively communicate is still helpful.


If you have questions about expenses, please call 520-749-2075. We can discuss your concerns. Depending on your insurance policy, insurance coverage may be available. Unless other arrangements are made, payment is expected at time of service.